Solar Control
One of the primary reasons people choose to add window film is to control the negative affects of the sun such as heat, glare and fading. By minimizing heat, window film can provide a more comfortable and enjoyable environment for car, home and office workers. Annoying glare is reduced allowing for more pleasant scenic view and a less dangerous driving environment. And interior furnishings are better protected from the dangerous rays of the sun.

Style & Appearance
There are a variety of window film shades or colors that can enhance the look of a car window as well as compliment the design of a home or office. Window film can also provide additional privacy as well. Check with your local dealer to find the style suitable for your needs.

Accidents happen very often to glass and can create a dangerous situation, especially in residential homes with children. Safety film effectively holds glass together and prevents dangerous shards from flying when the glass is broken.

Thicker security films are available to help prevent vandalism and theft. While security films cannot entirely stop someone from breaking through glass, the thickness of the film makes it more difficult and time consuming for vandals to complete their act.

Anti Graffiti
Glass is expensive to replace. So many commercial owners choose easy-to-move anti-graffiti film to protect their glass from damaging graffiti and glass etching.